Month: June 2015

40 Free (Or Nearly Free) Summer Activities for Kids

Go Bowling 1.  Kids Bowl  If you sign up for this service, every week this site sends you free bowling passes for your kids to enjoy. 2.  Free Bowling from AMF   Enjoy Reading 3. Local Library Summer Reading Programs: Our library has programs for kids of all ages. In fact last year one of my kids graduated to the teen programs at my local library, and I’ve never seen a kid more motivated to get his reading on. I think it was the idea of winning a free XBox that really motivated him. 4. Earn a free...

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Are you Frugal or Cheap? Take the Test!

Take the frugality test by answering these cheapness questions to see for yourself:   Download: Are you frugal or cheap? (printable version) What’s the difference between frugality and cheapness? A lot. Cheap people use cost as their bottom line. You’re cheap if you don’t look beyond nickels and dimes. Frugal or thrifty folk seek value when spending money and often choose to spend more when an item’s quality and longevity are important. For example, remember when I declared my $783 unlocked iPhone a ringin’ deal? Before locking myself into an inflexible cell contract with a subsidized $213 phone I...

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Bike Share Comes to Pittsburgh!

Sharing bikes in the ‘Burgh In 2014 Pittsburgh became a lot more bike-friendly. In 2015 the trend continues with the start of the Pittsburgh Bike Share program. By spring this non-profit plans to have the first  in what will be a fleet of 500 bikes available at the first of 50 planned docking stations. The plan will be “pay-as-you-go” where riders can pay  $10 for 10 hours of riding or $2 for a single point-to-point ride.   Source:

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Free Fitness in Pittsburgh: Open Streets + Yoga in the Square

We’re super excited for Sunday June 28th and July 26th . And you should be too! Wondering what all the hoopla is about? Allow us to explain… Open Streets PGH is getting underway this weekend. It’s a truly awesome event aimed at making Pittsburgh a healthier, happier place to live by transforming 3.5 miles of roads into a car-free, city-wide playground spanning from Lawrenceville to Market Square. So, as you can imagine, this is a dream come true for everyone here at Fittsburgh. Plus we figured all of you would probably be into it, too. So we called up some...

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