Month: July 2015

8 Cheap Ways to Deter Garden Pests

1. Insect Spray Try this DIY insect spray on your plants and you’ll see a huge difference in just a couple weeks. You may even have all the ingredients on hand. Combine two cloves of garlic with three cups of mint leaves, cayenne pepper, and biodegradable dish soap. This mix repels bugs, and it’s best to spray on the leaves of your plants on a cloudy day so it doesn’t burn them. 2. Soapy Solution Are deer cramping your style? You can cut up bars of Irish Spring soap, attach to stakes using scraps of fabric, and scatter throughout...

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7 Car Maintenance Tips Every Girl Should Know to Save Money

“Check your tire pressure!” Right, I know that’s important—and yet I’ve no idea how to put that thingy on my tire. (Do I even own one?) I watch the girl in The Fast and the Furious with slight awe. We’re powerful women, we juggle jobs, sports, cooking, kids, and even our cars. Maintenance can be intimidating, but it’s not as hard as we think. Here are 7 tips that every girl can do to make sure her car is in tip-top shape.   1. REFILL WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID Sure, you’re supposed to have this “taken care of” for you...

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