Month: September 2015

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward Will Open His Own Restaurant

Hine Ward, the ex-Steelers’ wide receiver, announced that he would dive in to the restaurant business after his retirement in April this year. By teaming up with restaurateur Howard Schiller, their newest restaurant–Table 86 and Vines Wine Bar, will be located in Seven Fields, Pittsburgh. It is obvious that the name “Table 86” comes from that fact that Ward’s number was 86 in the Steelers. What’s more interesting is all menu prices would end in 86 cents because of that. The restaurant was planned to be open by the end of August, right before the football season. This superstar...

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Wearable Transportation

Wearable technology is the future, things like Google glasses, fitness trackers, and smart watches, which are getting more and more attention. These inventions allow us to easily and better manage and control health, finance and are essentially changing our lifestyle. Among all the new inventions is the concept of “Wearable Transportation” introduced by ACTION Inc. With the increasing population and the amount of cars on the road, people are starting to look for alternatives that can save spaces. Wearable transportation is the solution. They are the innovators behind the world’s first smart, electric skates, as well as M-scooter. These new...

Read More Has Recipes for Every Budget

Everyone has the struggle where we are too lazy to cook meals after a long day at work, but at the same time we can’t afford eat out all the time. Although some people love to cook, the majority find it too much hassle. According to, food is consumers’ largest regular expense, yet with the biggest wiggle room. Think about how often do you eat out, and how much do you spend each time at a restaurant that could be potentially saved if you were to eat at home. was born to help you solve this problem....

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Apple Watch is a Direct Link to Your Doctor

Apple’s annual fall unveiling event was held last week on September 9, 2015. Speakers received countless applause throughout the event. The event lasted around 2.5 hours to present its new products. Out of which the new Apple Watch received much attention. The Apple Watch, with its stylish design and clever interface, now can be the game changer in the healthcare. Picture below is taken from the event when Dr. Cameron Powell talked about how doctors and leading hospitals could use Apple Watch to better track their patients and effectively and efficiently plan their schedules. He further explained that with the...

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Growing Trends in Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is perhaps one of the biggest attention getters from consumers today. Things like Google Glasses, AppleWatches are not just a symbol for fashion, but have serious utilization in our lives, especially healthcare. According to a survey by U.K.-based IT  service and support organization– Vista Retail Support, per Biz Report, 49% say they believe wearables like smartwatches, fobs, smart clothing and wristbands will improve their shopping experience through personalization of offers and promotions. Smartwatches are going though the path smartphone was on. Look at the functions and the interfaces of phones, the flip phones with tiny screen, from...

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