Month: October 2015

Halloween Spending Predictions Are Down 7%

It will be a “frightening” Halloween this year for retailers! Why? It is predicted that consumers are planning to spend up to $6.9 billion on Halloween, which is down by 7% from last year. Economy might be the one to blame, said over 80% of the shoppers surveyed. Consumers are planning on only spend an average of $74 for Halloween, taking into the considerations that certain people are big Halloween fun and are willing to spend considerate amount of money on decorations and costumes, while others will only go to a friend’s party without any costumes (Yeah, we all have that...

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New YouTube Red Service Lets You Watch Videos Ad-Free

YouTube has recently unveiled its new subscription service– YouTube Red. The concept is that you now have the option of watch ad-free videos with only $9.99 a month, and of course, it comes with a free one-month trial period. It is now only launched in the U.S., with the hope of a worldwide roll-out in the early 2016. This viability of this plan is debatable, as people used to watch videos for free. Suddenly ask people to pay for something they normally would get for free is not easy. However, YouTube Red might just be the right move for Google, since...

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What Millennials Think About Loyalty Programs

Millennials focus more on “fun”, indicated from a COLLOQUY-sponsored national survey by Cincinnati. Among 1,000 consumers surveyed, 34 percent of Millennials (age from 18 to 34 years old) said that “fun” is the among the top factors when choosing a customer reward program. In comparison, only 26 percent of the general public (age from 18 to 65 years and over) chose “fun”. In the same survey, 66% of the general population described the word “economical” best fit their interests, versus 56% of millennials. This set of survey delivers other important findings in terms of different generations’ perspectives for loyalty programs....

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Holiday Gift Cards Sales Estimated to be $24 billion

The American Affluence Research Center recently did a survey on American consumers’ preference on gift cards. According to the survey result, 10% of the wealthiest U.S. households plan on spending up to $24 billion on gifts cards and similar “currency” as holiday gifts. The estimated sales include $5.6 billion in December holiday gift card purchases and rest comprised of cash and checks given as gifts. The average holiday gift card purchases for each affluent households is estimated to be $470. Additionally, a third of the affluent say they would spend more if they were offered a $10 gift card for themselves for...

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Pittsburgh Newlywed Couple Shares How They Paid Off $100,000 Debt

Nowadays articles and tips teaching people how to save money are everywhere on the internet. Just type save money into Google’s search bar will return you countless pages on how to sign up for the right credit card, travel using certain websites, or use coupons and so on. But do those really work? Are those convincing enough for you to even consider giving it a try? What’s better than giving you a real example of how a couple paid off $100,000 in debt and start living a happy live? Pittsburgh newlyweds Andrew and Veronica Kaslewicz, who are in their late 20’s, found...

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