Month: January 2016

Pepsi to Open New Restaurant in New York City

In an apparent bid to stay relevant, Pepsi is opening a 5,000-square-foot space in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Kola House, named for the nut used in caffeinated soda, will be a permanent restaurant, bar, and event venue where the brand can experiment with new products, reports the New York Times. The date for the opening has not been announced. The 5,000-square-foot space — on the same block as Milk Studios in Chelsea (Pepsi insists it resides in the ultrahip meatpacking district) — will become Kola House, a restaurant-bar-event space that the company hopes will be both social hub and testing...

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Crisco Reveals Consumers’ Favorite Holiday Pie

A recent survey from shortening brand Crisco, conducted by Toluna, shows that nearly all survey respondents (96 percent) eat pie during the holiday season, with 69 percent saying they typically eat pies the most at Thanksgiving and 44 percent indulge during Christmas. The survey also shows that pumpkin came out on top as the favorite holiday pie with 35 percent, followed by apple (27 percent) and pecan (16 percent). While 94 percent of those surveyed said they typically eat at least one slice of pie at Thanksgiving, 71 percent said they’re likely go back for a second helping. Those that...

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Contextual Omnipresence

In 2016, you could be forgiven for thinking that a brand must be everywhere at once. After all, expectations around customer service now defy the laws of physics. Miss a customer’s moment of need, and you might not get another chance. That’s why you’ve probably sat through multiple brainstorms around your (or your client‘s) omnichannel strategy debating “how will we use [insert latest hot new ephemeral geo-fenced live-streaming video social platform]?” In the coming 12 months, average brands will keep pursuing that strategy. But these discussions are like having an “Internet of Things strategy”. They focus on the how rather than...

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Top 2016 Consumer Trends

Trend #5: The Consumer is King Although the marketing concept has always been, the consumer is KING – it has never been more true than today. Consumers create their own products, market products through social media spreading positive or negative word-of-mouth, and consumers define what products they want.   Trend #4: Dual Uses “Imagine a disposable cup that you can actually eat instead of throwing away” is what Loliware has to say about their new edible, disposable cups. These are the very first kind of cups that are not only economically friendly, but also delicious and nutritious. The cups...

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Nielsen to Launch “Social Content Ratings” with Measurement Across Twitter and Facebook

Nielsen, New York, will be expanding Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings to include Facebook conversation. The expanded set of metrics, now called Nielsen’s Social Content Ratings, will measure program-related conversation on Twitter and Facebook and include posts shared with friends and family, with followers and publicly. It will also track social media conversation for original video programming from TV and over-the-top streaming providers for linear airtimes as well as on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week basis....

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