Month: October 2016

Tips Tuesday: Tailgating

Football and hockey season is in full swing, and no football or hockey season is ever complete without a great tailgating experience. Follow these simple tips to ensure you have the perfect tailgating environment! Give yourself plenty of time. Plan on being parked and ready to unpack at least 3-4 hours before game time. Planning for setup and cook time for food will guarantee no one’s rushed. Make a game plan for exiting. Returning back to your vehicle for a post-game tailgating session will keep the fun going and you’ll avoid all the traffic leaving the stadium. When it...

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Tips Tuesday: Halloween

Don’t let potential cost scare you out of having a spooky and fun halloween this year! Follow these simple tips and tricks to keep your wallet out of the grave. Don’t shell out extra cash for a new costume. Instead, gather your friends and family for a costume swap! By pooling resources you can find a fun new costume without a hefty price tag. The thrift store is your best friend. Find costumes and decorations at your local thrift store. You’ll be able to find something unique, and cheap, for the spooky season ahead. Use the 3:1 ratio when...

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Amazon to Open New Age Grocery Stores

Amazon has been dominating the retail world. Now, they are preparing to extend their power even further by opening up futuristic grocery stores. The grocery stores, referred to as Project Como, will stock only fresh food items such as produce, meat, and milk. Customers will be able to order non-perishables through a mobile app or a touch screen monitors located throughout the store. The grocery stores will also feature a drive thru that allows customers to pick up groceries they’ve ordered ahead online. Initially, the Amazon grocery stores will only be accessible to Amazon subscribers. Amazon is remodeling the...

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