Month: December 2016

Tips Tuesday: What to Buy After the Holidays

Just because the holiday season is coming to a close doesn’t mean that the sales are ending. In fact, it means quite the opposite! Follow these tips on what to buy after the holidays in order to save up to 75% on your purchases. Clothes are going to be at all time low prices. However, these discounts will mainly be found in brick and mortar stores trying to sell off extra inventory. It is predicted that cameras are going to be at exceptionally decreased prices in January. Keep your eyes out for good deals. These deals could also include refurbished...

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Tips Tuesday: Tips on Tipping

During the holidays, one of the big questions that everyone has is who should I tip and how much should I be tipping them? Follow these simple rules and you’ll get through all of the tipping this holiday season! How do you know who to tip? You tip anyone that provides a regular service throughout the year. What is the general rule for tipping? Typically, you would tip the person the cost of one service. So if the person in question cleans your house, you tip them the cost of one cleaning. Easy references for tipping: mail carrier- up...

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Tips Tuesday: Dr. Audrey Guskey’s Tips for Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping can easily become expensive, stressful, and overwhelming. Follow Dr. Guskey’s tips for this holiday season in order to save your wallet and avoid shopping anxiety! Be like Santa! Make a list, and check it twice. Every shopping trip will be more successful if you have a plan. Heading into a store knowing exactly what you are looking for will save you time and help you avoid frivolous spending. Budget, budget, budget! It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit and overbuy for your loved ones, but you don’t want to be caught up in debt come January....

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