Month: January 2017

Tips Tuesday: How to Have the Best Super Bowl LI Party

The epicenter of the football world, the Super Bowl is a mega event that requires mega celebrating. Since you only get the opportunity to celebrate this extravaganza once a year, it is crucial that you go ALL out in your party planning! Follow these following tips to ensure you have the best Super Bowl LI party ever. All out means all out. Prepare or order the most necessary football food. This means wings, sliders, potato skins, pizza, and chips and dip galore. What is food without drink? Ensure a great night by getting a keg, yes a keg, of...

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Tips Tuesday: Consumer Trends Predicted for 2017

As we enter 2017, consumer trends expert Dr. Audrey Guskey has predicted 5 consumer trends that will definitely be focal points of the upcoming year! Get ready for a remote control life. Nowadays it seems that devices can do anything. Our devices learn what we do and perform those activities such as starting our car, monitoring our homes, turning off our lights, steering drones, and controlling our media. It is no secret that we live in a technologically lead world, and that trend will only continue to flourish in 2017. It’s all about ME. “Me” being the consumer of course. Consumers...

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