Month: February 2017

Tips Tuesday: Spring Cleaning

As the weather looks up and the days become longer, the tradition of spring cleaning is fast approaching. Follow these simple tips to save money while keeping your home remarkably clean! Cut sponges and cleaning pads in half- you will certainly extend their lifetime. Need to remove grime and grout from the bathroom or kitchen? Look no further than your tool box! Utilize a screwdriver or plastic putty knife to get the job done. Use a wet sponge to quickly and easily remove pet hair from furniture. Also, a wet sock worn like a glove will be able to...

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Tips Tuesday: How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

How can you be Romeo AND stay on a tight budget? In other words, how can you be cheap, yet appear to be romantic? Here are marketing expert Dr. Audrey Guskey’s  top 7 tips for saving money on Valentine’s Day: 1. Buy Flowers from a grocery store. They keep their flowers refrigerated just like at a florist and you can save tons of money. 2. Skip the roses – they are extremely over priced for V-Day. 3. Celebrate Valentine’s Day dinner on a day other than February 14th. Restaurants are so busy and they rarely offer discounts that day. 4....

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