Month: April 2017

Tips Tuesday: How to Save Money on Easter Celebrations

With Easter right around the corner, it’s easy to get caught up in all the pastel-colored items waiting to be purchased. Follow these simple tips to keep your wallet in check this Easter. Keep track of all of your Easter items. Plastic eggs, baskets, bunnies, and every other Easter decoration can be recycled for next year. Keep your Easter baskets reasonable. No need to splurge- keep it simple with candy and maybe a little something special. Don’t bother purchasing the green grass used for decorations- you’re going to throw it away almost immediately! Save money on Easter dinner by...

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Tips Tuesday: The Benefit of Selling to Consignment Stores

If you have clothing, furniture, electronics or any other goods that you no longer have use for, a consignment store is waiting to pay you for your gently used items. Here are just a few advantages you can receive from selling your items through a consignment store! A consignment store that has already established a community of loyal shoppers will greatly increase the chance of your item being sold quickly- which means fast cash in your pocket. Online auction sites charge you fees and delivery costs for any items posted where consignment stores do not. Unlike sites like Craigslist,...

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