Apple’s annual fall unveiling event was held last week on September 9, 2015. Speakers received countless applause throughout the event. The event lasted around 2.5 hours to present its new products. Out of which the new Apple Watch received much attention. The Apple Watch, with its stylish design and clever interface, now can be the game changer in the healthcare. Picture below is taken from the event when Dr. Cameron Powell talked about how doctors and leading hospitals could use Apple Watch to better track their patients and effectively and efficiently plan┬átheir schedules.

He further explained that with the use of AirStrip and OS2, Apple Watch is now able to monitor patients’ heart rate remotely, allowing home monitoring easier than ever. Patients can download all the data and securely sent them to the healthcare team. It changes how doctors and patients communicate. In the event, Dr. Powell demonstrated through his platform, pregnant women can actually hear babies’ heart rate right on her wrists.

“Isn’t that great?” Jeff Williams, the top executive commented, “That’s why we do what we do.”