All those tech trends you’re obsessed with are fine, but can you use them to deliver something people actually want?

In 2016, rising numbers of consumers will demand that brands use increasingly powerful and accessible artificial intelligence technologies to put truly smart products and services into their pockets, homes, inboxes, and more.

The underlying motivations that drive embrace of beneficial intelligence are ancient. Save me time! Save me money! Make me a better person! Make everything easier!

But now that seemingly every big brand is trumpeting their ai efforts – Toyota announced a usd 1 billion investment in November 2015 – consumer expectation that ai should be deployed to make their lives better will rapidly increase, too. Meanwhile, even small developers are now able to leverage big ai resources. ibm’s Watson Developer Cloud lets developers access cognitive computing; it’s used by 77,000 developers globally.

Humans have limits. Their expectations do not. Maybe ai is the only hope you’ve got 😉