A study by Germany-based customer engagement company Hybris, conducted by Forrester Consulting, shows a gap between consumers’ expectations of personalized marketing and what marketers are delivering. The study shows that while 66 percent of marketers rate their personalization efforts as “very good” or “excellent,” only 31 percent of consumers say companies are consistently delivering personalized, cross-channel experiences. Additionally, 37 percent of consumers say they delete most e-mail offers and promotions without reading them, while 40 percent have unsubscribed or opted out because they feel overwhelmed. Forty-four percent say they receive too many offers and promotions. Seventy percent of consumers surveyed said they are aware that companies use personal information to send them targeted offers and 74 percent are “somewhat” or “very comfortable” with companies using data about them to provide personalized experiences. While 66 percent of marketers use demographics to create targeted content offers and 44 percent say they use demographic categories to create at least some level of personalization for unidentified prospective customers, only half are using more sophisticated methods, like leveraging data extracted from loyalty programs (52 percent) or behavior-based data (48 percent). Ninety-one percent of marketers surveyed are prioritizing customer experience through personalization over the next year.