In 2016, the consumer arena is a hall of mirrors that renders a dizzying and fragmented view of value. But in a hall of mirrors, perceptions can be shifted.

One way? Playfully reposition your product or service in order to offer perspective shifts that shock customers into a radically new appreciation of the value you’re offering.

Driving this trend are the new funding mechanisms and business models, digital innovations and new perceptions of value that have rendered pricing more fluid than ever. In 2015, they only accelerated – and became more visible. For just one glimpse of that, consider the music industry. Pay for music on Jay-Z’s Tidal platform? No way! Directly fund a musician on crowdfunding site Patreon? Sure – musician Amanda Palmer is now raising $36,000 a month direct from fans on the site.

The result? Consumers will be more open than ever to innovations that play with – and attempt to disrupt – their thinking around value. Just make it fun!