AT YOUR SERVICE TIPS – Saving money at restaurants

Going out to eat is America’s favorite pastime…

75% of us eat out at least one time a week.  The average restaurant diner who eats out regularly eats out 2.3 times on average per week.

But consumer research shows that over half of us are cutting back on restaurant spending due to the tough economy.  70% have chosen to eat out less often rather than eat at cheaper restaurants. 

Want to save money at restaurants? 

1.   Munch at Lunch – lunch is 50% or less than the price of dinner.

2.   Mind the Menu – watch menu tricks.  Be careful of the top right items on the menu – that is where your eye goes & so many restaurants put their pricey items in that spot.

3.   Coupons – Don’t Leave Home Without Them – find them in FSI’s and Entertainment books.

4.   Drink Water – water is not only financially healthy, but also physically healthy for you, too.

5.   Ditch Drinks & Desserts – Restaurants make money on alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  And desserts add to your waist line & while depleting your wallet.

6.   Find the Deal – early birds aren’t just for senior citizens.  Buy one meal and split it with a friend or family member.  Or Buy a meal & a salad bar & pack the entry & take it home.