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In today’s world, it’s difficult to find something that has yet to be influenced by technology. Paper maps have turned into Google Maps, CD’s have been deemed outdated by bluetooth audio, even cars drive themselves! One accessory, seemingly true to its nature, has been transformed as well — the backpack… now known as the “smart backpack”. Now personally, if you brought up the idea of a smart backpack to me a few years ago, I would envision a backpack like the one in Dora, talking to me and helping me solve problems — however the world isn’t quite there yet. Instead, the smart backpack can be used to charge devices, play music, absorb solar energy, and so much more. If you are one to think, “if I have a smart backpack I can’t let it out of my sight! Someone will definitely try to steal it”, don’t worry. The creators of these backpacks thought of instances like these. Equipped with anti-theft zippers, smart backpacks have your back… literally. 

Not only are these backpacks loaded with cool features, they are also chic! Instead of looking like bulky machinery, many smart backpacks look just like any other backpack. There are many different styles: from professional, out-door durability, to everyday wear! 

Considering there are different backpacks made for different aspects of life, it would be helpful to know which smart backpack is the best of the best in its respective field.

For business, the MATEIN Business Travel Backpack is ranked #1. Not only does it have vented padding, but it also has a suitcase strap to make the look a little more professional. Its sleek design and deep pockets make it both attractive and practical for a busy bee in the business world. Find it on their website or on Amazon for under $30.00


Smart backpacks aren’t only for adults. There are designs specifically tailored to college students too! The Sosoon Large Compartment College Backpack is great for any student with a lot on their plate. Equipped with laptop and iPad storage spaces, this bag is a must for the school year. You can even keep it for as long as you want! This company also offers a lifetime warranty for this above average bag. However, it is good to keep in mind that Sosoon’s smart backpack is larger than average backpacks, but it has larger supportive shoulder straps. If you have a lot to carry, this bag is for you! Find it below on Amazon for under $30.00 as well.

In all, here at Consumer $ense, we give you the best ways to save money, so I present to you the smart backpack you can get at the best value. The Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack can be purchased for between $25 and $35 on Amazon. (and for UNDER $20 right now!) This budget friendly, compartmentalized, backpack even has a side pocket for a water bottle to top it all off.  

Innovation does not stop here. Smart luggage is also making its way into airports everywhere. With auto-lock features, charging ports, and GPS locators, you can say goodbye to travel anxiety for good.

Image result for smart luggage

Image result for smart luggage

According to MarketWatch, 2017 has been the most popular year for this new gadget so far, specifically outdoor travel packs, stemming from some support from the U.S. government with an increase of traveling sites. They have also been commended for their light-weight makeup, perfect for long hiking trips or a long commute to the office. 

Everything is changing nowadays… the real test is trying to keep up with it all! The real question is, what do you think the world will do next?

From all of us here at Consumer $ense, we’re here to make sense for you!

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