Nowadays it seems that everything is getting smarter: smartphone, smartwatch, smartTV. With the advancement of technology, people are more than ever connected with others and their surroundings. However, houses is one of the market sectors that might not be as smart as we could make it. The “smart home” concept is gradually gaining consumers’ attentions. Philips just came out with a new type of LED lightbulb, which can change its light into 16 million different colors. Simply by installing an app on your phone, and you can change its color based on different occasions. This new lightbulb is also more energy-efficient. Bulb wattage is only 8watts compared to normal incandescent lightbulbs that cost 40 or 100watts.

The LED lightbulb is just the tip of smart home concept. According to Ericsson’s consumer trends, more than half of the people surveyed are interested in water sensors that help users better manage their water usage, and get better control over water leaks or clogged drains. By preventing water leaks, and water sensors are potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

There are increasing number of smart home products that could help you save money and enjoy life more comfortable, like Solar Rock Lights, Energy Saving Thermostats, or Smart Lock and Home Security that could prevent theft (You can find a lot of smart home products at Not only can these products save you a ton on utilities, it is also environmentally friendly.