“Brands are still largely depicted in purely economic parlance as intangible assets and measured through a rational lens”, states the report from brand consultancy MBLM. However, it continues to argue that the reality of the relationship between consumers and brands are more than complex. The report draws result from 6,000 customers as well as 52,000 brands in the U.S., Mexico, and U.A.E.

What does the report show is that people have a stronger connection with their cars and food than they do for their electronics, with the exception of technology sector’s domination. Apple, without doubt, tops the “intimacy list” with U.S. consumers. If you’ve ever seen Apple’s annual event in September, you could easily spot hundreds of Apple fanatics! More than that, Samsung, is the only other tech brand that made the cut. Other brands on the list include Toyota, Harley Davidson, GMC, and BMW. Major investments like your home and cars involve careful consideration and are mainly personality driven. They imply who you are, and your status in life. However, home is not a brand, so the result shows the strong intimacy with cars.