Smart toy revenues are predicted to reach about $2.8 billion this year globally, UK– the most spending per child, is followed by US.

According to data from Juniper Research the popularity of “toys-to-life” should continue to rise with titles from Activision (Skylanders), LEGO (Dimensions) and Nintendo (amiibo) expected to bolster up to 136 million units this year. Weirdly, there is no mention on the list for Disney (Infinity) and its new Star Wars release. This research focuses on smart toys in general which features both the new Anki Overdrive and RealFX racing cars, along with toys like Sphere BB8 and the impressive new Disney Playmation title (How much have you heard of these toys?).

The research announced that the smart toy sales will reach $2.8 billion in hardware and apps & technologies revenues. This increased revenue is mainly driven by the emerging marketĀ forĀ the console-connected “toys to life” segment. Another point deserves our attention is that the research indicated that the “upcoming Black Friday weekend as well as the Christmas Season are set to bolster sales hugely.”

So, will you buy any smart toys this year for holiday gifts?