YouTube has recently unveiled its new subscription service– YouTube Red. The concept is that you now have the option of watch ad-free videos with only $9.99 a month, and of course, it comes with a free one-month trial period. It is now only launched in the U.S., with the hope of a worldwide roll-out in the early 2016.

This viability of this plan is debatable, as people used to watch videos for free. Suddenly ask people to pay for something they normally would get for free is not easy. However, YouTube Red might just be the right move for Google, since without doubt, there are people willing to pay that ten bucks a month just to get ride of the annoying commercials. Oh, did I mentioned that the Red will have its original series and movies? Just like Netflix. It also has download features that allow users to download videos onto their mobile devices. But is Red competitive to other major online streaming players? Forbes has laid out a comparison chart of each player listed below.

What do you think of this announcement? Will you be the one who will pay this service?