My Favorite Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers

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The Easter holiday is only a month before summer vacation. This month period is subtlety known as diet season. The weather is getting nicer so we trade in our large coats for shorts, swim trunks, and sunglasses.  It is time to shed the winter weight we put on for the cold hibernation to transform to our “swim-suit-bodies.” Holidays like Easter are surly an obstacle when dieting. Here is a couple of gifts to get others for Easter if they are health conscious or  just don’t enjoy candy. 
easter squishmallow in grass
Stuffed Animals Stuffed animals are the hottest new collectable and not just among children. People are going crazy for the stuffed animal brand Squishmallow. Squishmallows are a cute super soft stuffed animal/pillow that would be a great colorful addition to any person’s holiday basket. You can find the cheapest Squishmallows at Higher quality but still moderately priced Squishmallows can be found at
Outdoor Activities One of my favorite things to receive in my Easter basket as a kid was an outdoor play set. Items like sidewalk chalk, bubble wands, and kites, give an Easter basket variety. These items come with additional perks as they entertain the children while keeping them active. 
Summer Apparel  Summer is on the horizon and every store is putting out their summer apparel. Snag bathing suits, sunglasses, and flip flops while supplies still last. Now-a-days, business drive consumers to buy a season before. Putting a pair of sunglasses in an Easter basket is a reminder of the warm summer days to come. 
Self-Care Items Items like faces scrubs and bath bombs are always fun gifts that allow people to relax. Even items like tooth paste and lotion are great gifts that people do not want to have to buy for themselves. But, be mindful of different allergies and preferences. This item is a luxury item and is good to not cheap out on. Body lotion from the from the dollar store is inferior to brands like Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop.  
Hyacin flowersm in a pot
Spring Flowers There is no better representation of spring than to give someone a flower. Flowers are a reminder of a new season of life. When gifting someone a flower it is important to consider the meaning behind the flower. Some popular spring flowers are Hyacinths, Daffodils, Azalais,  Tulips, and Easter Lily’s. Tulips bloom in early Spring and regrow every year representing “coming back from the dead.” 


  1. My Grandchild hates candy, he is already wound up enough, thank you for the tips on getting him a Squishmallow, he loves it so

  2. your grandchild is a lucky boy, god bless, happy Easter!

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