Honest Product Review: iRobot Roomba i6 (6150)

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Since it is the official start of spring, maybe it is time to get a new vacuum? The winter muck of rock salt and dirt is constantly being tracked into the house. It is relentless to keep up with the maintenance of tiny crumbs on the floor. Buying a good vacuum is a must. iRobot Roomba i6 is the newest toy on the cleaning market that allows you to sit back and watch your house get cleaned. Gone are the days of wasting your time sucking up debris. But, is the iRobot Roomba i6 worth all of the hype? Find out if this high tech cleaning product is right for you.

Price and Affordability (3/10)

The iRobot Roomba i6 is listed on Bestbuy.com for a whopping $549.98. This price bracket puts this vacuum in the luxury bracket. I gave this a 3/10 because of its high price but I did not rate it a one because I feel as though it is justified. Dyson vacuums, another luxury vacuum, are about $450. Comparing the two powerhouse brands one might question the main differences between the two. Dyson and Roomba have different functions even though they are both vacuums.   You are paying for the technology of a robot cleaning and disposing mess from your floors with Roomba. Whereas with Dyson you are paying for the name brand and superior sucking power. Overall, I would say that Roomba is overpriced and should match their competitors. 

Truth in Advertising (8/10)

One of the most important things I look for in the iRobot Roomba i6 is how well it cleans the floors and does it “actually” work. From what I have found from my experience and others is that it does clean the floors and empty itself out when it does not have navigation issues. The robot is expected to navigate itself through the house on its own. It will notice drop offs like stairs and ledges and should recognize when it runs into walls. Other buyers have recalled that it will bump into the wall and start spinning non-stop. Nevertheless, these issues have only come up in 6% of customers. 

Other Drawbacks

People have complained that the Base Automatic Dirt Disposal is useless. The Roomba connects to the base and disposes it to ensure that there is room for more dirt. Some users have complained that they still have to empty this out themselves. 

Final Rating : 7/10

I really think that this cleaning product is for a niche market. If you really hate vacuuming this product is for you. Overall it does everything it claims it does. But my main issues with it is the few cases where the technology malfunctions. The Roomba would be particularly great for pet owners that hate stray hairs around the house. This is a luxury product and is definitely not a necessity, but if you are on the fence I would recommend to splurge!

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  1. This vacuum thing seems pretty cool, maybe I will buy one, thank you for the advice consumer sense

  2. Hello Contributor, are you sure?

  3. No I am not sure… that is why I am doing research on it

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