Things to know before you buy: Hot Tub Edition

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by | Mar 7, 2022

One household appliance that is always popular is a hot tub. While hot tubs are always hot on the market, they can get expensive and must be treated with proper care. Before you take the plunge and invest, here are a few important  things you should know before buying a hot tub.


Planning the pre-purchase aspects of a new hot tub is just as important as actually buying it. Deciding where to place the hot tub is the first step that helps you decide where to go from there. 

Buying an outdoor hot tub and landscaping your yard to fit it in can often increase your property value. You would also want to make sure the surrounding area is safe and private, potentially adding a fence to keep children and animals from wandering in. A thick, protective layer must also be added to the hot tub to keep small animals such as chipmunks from chewing holes and causing leaks from the tub.

Buying an indoor hot tub may be a bit trickier to install and requires more work to be put in. A good ventilator must be added to control the humidity within the room. Without this, the moisture may damage the walls and floors of the room.

A hot tub requires a dedicated electrical supply with no other appliances hooked up to it. An electrician will be needed to install the power supply and configure the breaker box to the hot tub model you choose to buy.


After purchasing, there is still maintenance work that constantly needs to be done to keep your hot tub in good shape. A good cover is a necessity to keep the heat in and everything else out while it’s not being used. It is important to be cleaning and replacing filters and draining, refilling, and balancing out water to keep the tub in mint condition.


The most heated hot tubs cost between $25 and $40 per month for electricity. The larger the tub is, the more expensive it is to heat it. Hot tubs are also more expensive to heat in the summer than in the winter. The average chemical water care for hot tubs costs around $20 monthly and can be purchased from various stores such as Teddy Bear Pools

What Now? 

Once you have decided to actually get a hot tub, where do you go from there? It is very important to find a tub that is within budget. The average hot tub costs between $5,000 and $8,000. A good 5 person tub can be found at Home Depot for $4,719 or on sale at Aqua Living right now for $2,899. 

There are many advantages, as well as a few disadvantages that come with buying a hot tub. They must be regularly maintained, they may get pricey at times, and you can’t stay in for long periods of time. However, if you know the hot tub is going to be used regularly then it is well worth the buy. Sitting in the hot tub is good for relaxing sore muscles and joints making for a good sports recovery, or helping back pain or arthritis. The peacefulness while sitting inside the tub can also be good to soothe any mental stress that may come your way.

Planning ahead is something that is very important when it comes to buying a hot tub. As long as you maintain good condition it will be a blast for the entire family to enjoy!

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