Best Ways To Save Money on Gas in 2022

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by | Apr 6, 2022

 In 2022 gas prices are higher than ever before with the volatility of oil prices and a disruption of trade between countries.

Even with gas prices spiking there are still multiple ways to save at the pump.

The quickest way is if you are a member at Costco. They are able to keep gas cheaper because of the membership costs and loyalty from their consumers. Do not let the membership deter you because of the cost, savings at the pump and inside the store easily cover the price of the membership.

Another way to save money on gas is with loyalty cards at local grocery stores. Giant Eagle’s advantage card, and Shop ‘n Save pump perks. These programs are free to join and when you purchase groceries you save at the pump. These rewards can be stacked up to the point where your whole gas tank can be free.

As the price of oil per barrel remains volatile for the near future, it is important that consumers explore new options on how to save on getting gas. With these memberships and loyalty programs available it allows people to still stay within their budgets.

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