5 Unique Valentine’s Date Night Ideas in Pittsburgh

After the holiday season, the thought of having to buy gifts is frustrating. It may seem as though everyone already has everything they want or need. Instead of purchasing material items for your special someone this valentine’s day, consider buying them an experience. Experiences offer a night of fun and meaningful memories to share. Here are five unique experienced-based gifts other than the typical concert, movie, or sports tickets:

Couple getting massaged

Couples Massage

A couples massage is a perfect way to relieve stress and further connect with your SO. Getting your significant other this gift is definitely a win for you as well. Couples massages can get pricey being that it is a package deal. To cut down on the cost, try booking through Groupon for better rates.

Pottery Night

Reenact the iconic scene from Ghost this year by booking a pottery night. Creating art with your SO could be therapeutic or it could start a fight. Do not buy this if there are issues collaborating with one another. If you are thinking about children in the future maybe see if you can take care of a clay pot first. Couples pottery classes cost from $50-100. At The Art Establishment a couples art class is only $82.

Tarot Card Reading

Unsure if you have a future with this person? Mystical readings from beyond the grave could be the third party mediator that you never knew you needed. Even if you or your SO is a skeptic, Tarot card readings always provide a fun enchanting evening. A reading can range from $1-$200 an hour. While you can save on the cheap reading, consider what they offer and the credibility of their profession. Cheap readings can be found at The Psychic Team, but we suggest splurging on a local tarot card reader.

Escape Room Date

An Escape Room is for the competitive couple who likes to play games. Escape rooms are a series of puzzles that you solve to essentially escape the room. If your relationship is on the rocks, this one’s gonna drive it over the edge. Unlike the other options, escape rooms are not relaxing and require a lot of brainpower. But, it will definitely put your collaborative skills as a couple to the test. Escape rooms are usually $25-30 per person for an hour. An option for local Pittsburghers is Escape the Room.


Airbnb Experience

A planned adventure for your SO is arguably one of the most romantic gifts one could receive. Whether it be to somewhere you have never gone together or just a town over, changing the environment can be therapeutic. Airbnb is a perfect website to plan an unexpected yet affordable journey. Their price range is customizable to your budget. While you could take the whole journey to relax and just spend time with one another, consider planning an activity. Additional activities does not mean you have to break the bank. Exploring local shops and nature trails are just a few examples of low cost activities.


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