super bowl 2022: Best Upcoming Commercials

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The Super Bowl is the one football game out of the whole year that keeps everyone intrigued for the entire duration of the game, even when the game isn’t going on! 

From the Halftime Show, to commercials, and the game itself, you do not want to look away for one second or you may miss something important, spectacular, or just outright funny. 

While some people think the quality of Super Bowl commercials have fallen in the past few years, here at Consumer $ense we believe there are still many well worth watching. 

So sit back and relax by your cozy campfire as we let you know about the commercials coming this Sunday that are too good to miss.


Get ready for this action-packed commercial: Thrill Driver

Thrill Driver starts off like any other average commercial: actor Eugene Levy drinks coffee when colleague Brie Larson comes in with a brand new 2023 Nissan Ariya. Eugene takes the car and with it goes on to make the greatest action film that has ever come to theaters. Unbeknownst to him, at the end of the premiere Eugene finds out the success behind his role was not due to his stellar acting, but the brand new Nissan. 

Make sure to stay tuned for this one as you don’t want any of the action to race by you.


Lays makes its return to the Super Bowl after 17 years with a star studded cast. 

The commercial involves Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan sitting outside a wedding, eating Lays, and remembering how all the good times they have shared involved the tasty chip brand. The comedic duo helps to spread the idea that wherever Lays goes, a good time is sure to follow. 

Lays does a good job spreading positivity and good times, making viewers nostalgic and having them left wanting their favorite bag of Lays.

Michelob ULTRA

While there is little known about this commercial, it sure seems like it will be a good one. 

The teaser consists of Peyton Manning ready to do great things at a bowling alley. Peyton’s comedic relief coupled with the creative Michelob ULTRA team is sure to generate a can’t-miss commercial with lots of buzz 


Looking ahead to what is sure to be another great car ad, this BMW commercial is bound to be electric. 

Returning to the big game for the fist time since 2015 where the commercial then was a bit of a let down, BMW made sure to bring out the big name, in a commercial that is sure to light up the viewers. 

In the teaser, legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger comes out as Zeus, the Greek God of Lightning. Schwarzenegger is sure to light up his small role on the big stage, ensuring that this commercial will be one for the ages.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club will be releasing its first ever Super Bowl ad this year, and made a great choice by picking Kevin Hart to be the star. 

Sam’s Club not only made the commercial comedic, but also put their brand new revolutionary Scan & Go app on display. 

The Scan & Go app is used to scan products while shopping at Sam’s and then having customers skip the lines just like VIP Kevin Hart. 

This commercial not only makes you smile, but also introduces what the future of shopping may look like.

Busch Beer

Everyone loves the Super Bowl ad that is really weird and just does not make any sense. Busch Beer is this years commercial that satisfies this requirement. 

It begins with two guys hanging out in the wilderness when one of them opens up a Busch Beer. From there, the mountains break out into song, ending with a smooth jazz solo from giant Kenny G. 

This commercial’s weirdness paired with its funny, smooth music and overall relaxing vibe makes it enjoyable for everyone to watch.

Whether you’re a fan of football  or not, make sure to tune into the big game, not only for the halftime show, but to watch the classic roundup of good commercials.

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