Pittsburgh Food Guide

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Whether you are just visiting Pittsburgh or are a resident, it does not take long to realize that people in Pittsburgh love food. Some cities only have chain restaurants like Applebees or the Cheesecake Factory, which are great options. But, nothing beats food from family owned businesses that are hand made by the owner; not a microwave. In Pittsburgh we love high calorie sandwiches pilled high with french fries, coleslaw and a fried egg. The native Pittsburger will put fries and an egg on almost anything. Make sure you have good elastic waistband pants when you visit these top Pittsburgh food spots:

pancakes, bacon, and eggs

Pamela’s Diner

Pamela’s Diner is a breakfast staple in the Pittsburgh area. Their menu has healthy options from egg white omelets to the sugary french toast croissants. Prices are fair, but tables are very limited. Pamela’s is only open from 8am-2pm Monday through Friday and lines to get in are always long. Make sure to get early to secure a seat.¬†

Fat Heads Saloon

Fat Heads is an amazing bar located in the heart of South Side Pittsburgh. The portion sizes they offer are massive. They are known for their “headwiches,” a sandwich that looks like a head. Every sandwich comes with a mound of warm homemade potato chips. If you are of age, pick up a Bumbleberry beer from their line of Fat head beers.¬†


Mercurios is in my opinion the best pizza I had in Pittsburgh. They offer authentic handmade brick oven pizza made right in front of you. Their pizza products taste authentic and fresh. I will eat a full personal pizza and a small cup of gelato and still feel light and airy. This is a testament that their ingredients are genuine. My favorite pizza they offer is their olive pizza. The salt from the olives make it the perfect topping.

beer and pierogis
The Church Brew Works  Have you ever been in church and thought to yourself I need a beer? The Church Brew Works is an old Pittsburgh church that was refurbished into a brewery. They have all of the Pittsburgh classics from burgers to pierogis. The pricing is moderately high given that you are paying for the exotic atmosphere.  
Biergarten Biergarten is a roof top restaurant located on top of hotel Monaco. This is a perfect place to hang out with a group of friends on a warm breezy night.  They offer a selection of German food that is accessable to picky eaters. Getting the pretzel with beer cheese is a must. Try to venture outside of your comfort zone to experience the taste of Germany. 


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