Three Foolproof Content Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

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This is a guest blog from guest author, Andrea Flynn. 

What is Content Marketing?
Content Marketing is much more than companies creating marketing advertisements to catch a consumer’s eye, but rather creating tactics to promote brand awareness and increase their sales. Content Marketing is a strategy that is used to attract, engage and retain an audience by creating and sharing videos, podcasts, infographics, Q&A’s, social media posts, downloadable PDFs, and any other forms of content that involves marketing.

Why Content Marketing?
The power of content marketing enables consumers to build a trust with the specific business, due to the content being informative. Unlike a simple AD, content marketing incorporates a more personable marketing tactic that results in influencing conversations. With the more personable and informative approach, consumers feel connected and inclined to buy that product, due to educating consumers about a product they never knew they needed.

With social media and technology surrounding today’s society, it allows consumers to gain and research more information than ever before. With consumers having the opportunity of conducting research on certain products, content marketing has the influence of being transparent while providing important information once researching. By implementing these tactics, it enables stronger relationships, more leads, higher valuable content, and meaningful conversations.

Here are three foolproof ways to grow your business:


According to mdgad advertising, “infographics have rapidly grown in popularity to the point of ubiquity. Their value lies in the way they simplify complex data and details in a compelling way for greater clarity.”

Infographics are a key to content marketing, because it allows companies’ statistics to be shown in an appealing and informative style. It also expressing transparency to their consumers, due to sharing data that links to their companies success. 


A mondo article indicates that, “implementing podcasts into your content marketing strategy and regularly posting them, your business also boosts brand awareness and loyalty among consumers.”

Podcasts allow marketers to develop their brand by further explanation from a more personable approach. Continuing, it helps to expand on consumers by explaining certain topics that are important and relevant to their needs and wants. 

VIDEOS states that “94 % of marketers say using video content has helped increase user understanding of a product or service.”

Video Content allows an option of variety when creating for marketers. Whether its on social media, the companies website, or going live to have a questions & answers, it allows consumers to engage, understand, and obtain more information on the product


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