Beauty Influencers are Changing the Face of Makeup

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by | Dec 6, 2021 | 0 comments

The makeup industry has changed drastically throughout the decades, so naturally the way brands market to consumers must change alongside it. Now-a-days, consumers look to online influencers for product tips. This is especially true in the beauty and makeup industry. 

In 2005 Youtube was created, but it wasn’t until 2009 that “Youtubers” established an online following and consistent content schedule to create what we know now as “Social Media Influencers.” There are shifts in popularity of platforms that influencers promote on. Beauty influencers started out on Youtube creating 5-20-minute videos talking about products and their lives. But, now media shifts to other platforms like Tik Tok which have shorter videos that range from 1-3 minutes long.

Consumers build trust in these trend-setters because they are invested in their personal lives and value their feedback on products. According to Forbes magazine, “consumers increasingly reject more traditional forms of marketing like TV commercials and magazine ads—even those with smiling celebrities pitching beauty products—as less credible and less trustworthy.” Social media influencers not only bring their persona and knowledge about the product to the table, but also provides credibility to the consumer. Followers get a look into the lives of the influencers which is something advertising through traditional medias like television or

magazines cannot provide. Surveys suggest that approximately 67% of online cosmetic sales were made through promotions by social media influencers.

On average the beauty industry makes $532 billion annually. Influencers are aware of their power over businesses and what they are worth. Beauty influencer Kylie Jenner has such a large following that her influence can tank a business with the power of her online presence. For instance, one day Jenner tweeted “how little” she uses the social platform Snapchat. This resulted in a 6% stock market drop, or an estimated $1.6 billion loss. Nevertheless, the beauty industry lives online, and influencers are the new face of makeup. Social media outlets allow consumers to build a trust with influences who in turn promote products to their loyal followers.

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