Gift Ideas for White Elephant Exchange

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Dec 10, 2021 | 0 comments

Author: Olivia Greene

Are you planning a White Elephant gift exchange and struggling to find the perfect gift?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but let’s face it, gift giving can be stressful. Gift-giving is especially challenging when you don’t know who the recipient will be, like in the classic holiday party game “White Elephant.” A White Elephant is a game where each participant buys a gift, usually within a certain price range, and the gifts are either picked at random or passed in a circle based on a poem or song that directs players to pass the gift to the left or right.

Buying gifts for White Elephant exchanges can be difficult, but we’ve accumulated some unique gift ideas that will fit your budget. Here are some gift ideas for $25 or less that your friends and family will be sure to love:

for a gag-gift white elephant:

Many people choose to give humorous gifts for White Elephant gift exchanges. If you and your guests decide to do gag gifts, consider these funny yet practical options

A French Fry holder for your car. This gadget holds your French fry carton from fast food restaurants so you can drive hands free and enjoy your fries while they’re still hot! It can be found on Amazon for $13.95 and it arrives before Christmas!

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray. This gift includes an assortment of scents that you may find useful on the go. Have no fear, Poo-Pourri is here, and this variety pack retails for $16.95 on Amazon.

If you’re playing with a 21+ crowd who enjoys a cold beer, consider this beer mitten from Amazon. It’s great for tailgating in the cold and it arrives before Christmas. For $15.99, some lucky member of your group will be the proud owner of a funny (yet practical) koozie that doubles as a winter accessory.

For Game Lovers:

Board games, card games, and the like are great White Elephant gifts for friends or family members who host frequent game nights. Games are also a great gift option when kids are participating in the white elephant exchange.

Some fun games that you can find at Target for under $25 include Uno, Guess Who?, Pictionary, Hedbanz, and many more. They offer a variety of games for people of all ages, and many of them are available in store for pickup or online.

For Food and Drink Lovers:

A great gift for a group that enjoys hosting would be this Bamboo Charcuterie platter. It retails for $23.50 on Amazon and arrives before Christmas!

If the members of your group enjoy a nice cup of coffee, consider a travel or ceramic mug, fill it with goodies, and add a gift card for the remaining amount to a coffee shop in your area.

Another great option is the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. It retails for $20 on Amazon and arrives before Christmas. This gift is perfect for people of all ages as long as they love breakfast!

If you know a group that likes to add a little spice to their life (and their dish), Truff Hot Sauce Gift Sets from Target would be the perfect gift. It retails for $20 and includes a hot sauce, truffle oil, and a hotter sauce.

Another option for a 21+ crowd is this Table Golf Drinking Game. This option is $22.99, in stock on Amazon’s website, and it arrives before Christmas.

For Self-Care Enthusiasts:

Consider this Essential Oil Gift Set for $20 from Target, and add your choice of essential oil fragrance to complete the gift.

Or you can give the gift of an at-home pedicure with this foot bath from Target. It gently massages your feet, heats up the water, and comes with a bubble feature for $24.99.

Satin pillowcases have also been really popular to help ensure a good hair day! This satin pillowcase from Amazon retails for $8.99 and arrives before Christmas. It can be paired with a variety of self-care items and accessories like face masks, hair ties, body sprays and more!


We hope these gift ideas help to relieve some of your gift-giving stress! Leave us a comment with some gifts that you’ve given for White Elephant exchanges! Happy shopping! Have a wonderful holiday!

Here is a link to a fun left-right poem that’s perfect for any White Elephant gift exchange:



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