Increased Importance of Fast and Free Delivery of Gifts this Christmas Season

3 min read Nov 22, 2022


Better Company Reviews and Customer Satisfaction

It seems as if every year the demand for fast and free delivery is becoming more of an “expectation” rather than a privilege. In 2021, 62% of consumers have higher expectations for fast shipping, as well as 75% of consumers have expectations for free shipping. Typically, consumers only go out of their way to review products if they like the product extremely or hate something about it with a passion. For companies to get these great reviews, they will need to listen to their consumers wishes of getting fast and free delivery in place so they can top the reviews charts.

It is crucial for some consumers

In a study of 3,000 people in 2019, 36% of the surveyed individuals said they would give up their car for a year in exchange for free shipping on all their purchases. Likewise, 25% of these people said they would give up coffee for a year, as well as 22% giving up Netflix for free shipping on all their purchases. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the world values their fast and free delivery quite a lot if they would be willing to give up their car.

Provides a longer period for returns before Christmas Day

It is always an awful predicament when you open up what you ordered and it doesn’t fit the criteria that you wanted. By giving customers the opportunity to have larger periods of times to return items all because the company shipped it faster, it will lead to more happy faces on Christmas Day.

Acquire “last-minute” buyer’s

Most of us have had a time where we procrastinated until the last minute to order a gift for someone, and then it ends up not even showing up till days after Christmas. Companies will gain large amounts of consumers and a huge advantage over competitors when they can ship out items the days right before Christmas hits.

May sway consumer to buy your product over competitor’s, even if they end up being same the exact price

Would you rather buy an item that is $20 wholesale price with a $10 shipping charge, or a $30 wholesale price with a $0 shipping charge? Even though it’s the same exact price, consumers tend towards the free shipping.


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