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To finish off our spring cleaning series, we wanted to share one final option for getting rid of items you have found along your cleaning journey that are no longer of use to you. You can gift your giveaway pile to people in your area on Buy Nothing Facebook groups. They may just be what you’ve been missing. Learn more about Buy Nothing groups and how you can give and receive items for free.

What is the Buy Nothing Project?

​​The Buy Nothing Project began in 2013 as a social movement intended to reduce pervasive plastics in every ecosystem and encourage buying less and sharing more. It is now a global gift economy network that provides a way for people to share, lend, give, and receive. The project’s mission is to build community by connecting people through local gifting and reducing environmental impact. To put it simply, the Buy Nothing Project helps neighbors give and receive a wide range of free items.

What is a Buy Nothing Facebook Group?

Buy Nothing Facebook groups are a way for neighbors to give, lend, or receive items at no cost. Each group is hyper-localized to a specific town or neighborhood, so it is very likely you have one. These local Facebook groups allow members to post items they want to give away or ask for items they need or would like to borrow.

You can give and receive a variety of items including:

– Clothes
– Books
– Electronics
– Toys
– Baby formula
– Sports equipment
– and even furniture!

Currently, there are 7,000 Buy Nothing communities with 5,330,000 community members spanning across 44 different countries. You do have to request to join these Facebook groups, but it is well worth it for the close proximity of members. These groups help people live sustainably by saving community members money, reducing waste, and strengthening their community. In addition to the Buy Nothing Facebook groups, there is now a Buy Nothing app as well.

Why Buy Nothing?

It is not uncommon for thrift stores and other donation sites to receive an overwhelming supply of items this time of year. Often, these places reach a point where they stop accepting donations, so Buy Nothing is a great alternative. While there are numerous ways to profit from getting rid of old clothes and items you no longer need, there is something to be said about helping your neighbors and offering the items up on your local Buy Nothing group.

The next time you find yourself looking to give something away, consider gifting it on Buy Nothing or similar Facebook groups!


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