Ultimate 2022 Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Closet

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Apr 3, 2022 | 0 comments

Author: Guest Contributor, Marketing Students

Have you been looking at the mess in your closet and don’t know what to do with things you aren’t using anymore? Have no fear — it’s finally spring cleaning time!

This spring we are going to tackle the dreaded overfilled closet and where to take your old items.

Follow these steps to get the perfect closet!

Make a list of items to tackle first

I, for one, like to separate my list into sections: clothes, shoes and accessories. If you live in a place like Pittsburgh, with ever changing weather, separate your clothing even further into “cold weather” clothing and “warm weather” clothing.

Clean your closet in chunks

Take out small stacks of clothes at a time. When there are too many items laid out at once, you may feel overwhelmed! Separating it allows for you to see each item individually so you can make the right decision

Place clothes into 3 piles: Donate, Keep & Toss

In your donate pile, place items you don’t want anymore that are still in good condition. If the items have stains, or non-intentional rips, they most likely are not going to be accepted at most donation places.

In the keep pile, place items you regularly wear and items that bring you joy. Do not keep things to just keep them. Make sure you are keeping items you are going to wear.

In the “toss” pile, this is the place to place worn down items that cannot be donated.

Follow the Marie Kondo method

If the item you have does not spark joy — do not keep it! Someone else out there can get more joy from that item if you choose not to keep it. Sometimes, it is time to let things go.

Take your items to thrift stores & donation centers

Plato’s Closet: Takes your clothing and shoes and pays you for them!
Goodwill: If you donate to Goodwill, you get a tax break!
Salvation Army

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