How Much Are College Students Willing to SPend For Valentine’s Day?

Mikey Whirlow | 2 min read

Feb 11, 2021 | Holiday Tips | 0 comments

This Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while most – sane – people have probably bought gifts for their significant others (pets included), I know there are still some stragglers out there. So, what does everyone want for this holiday? In order to find out the answer to this question – and others – Consumer$ense conducted a survey that was taken by 16 people (12 female, 4 male), including those of our very own Dream Team and other college students aging from 18-22.

Do you like Valentine’s Day?

A very controversial discussion. If you’re single, you probably hate it. If you’re in a relationship, you probably hate how close it is to Christmas. So, what did our responders say about the holiday? More people answered in the “sometimes no” option than any other (5), but the majority landed within three categories: “sometimes no,” “might or might not,” and “sometimes yes” (5, 4, 4, respectively). It seems as though there is more of an indecisive look towards Valentine’s Day. The next question “what is your relationship status?” may have something to do with this. 10 people said they were single, 4 said they were in a relationship, and 2 said “it’s complicated.” Conclusion: so, there are single people who like Valentine’s Day. Interesting…

How Are You Spending Valentine’s Day?

The majority of our respondents being single didn’t help this question out. Seven people said they were “hanging out with friends,” 4 said they were “spending time with their significant other,” 3 said they were doing “nothing / will be alone,” and 2 answered “other,” one indicating they didn’t know and the other that they were spending time with family.

Do You Plan on Buying Gifts For Valentine’s Day?

Interestingly enough, an equal amount of people said “yes” and “no” to this question (6 each), while only 4 said “maybe.” I love how Valentine’s Day has become more accommodating towards the single people out there. Get out there and buy some chocolates for your friends, parents, or even your dog (chocolate treats, of course)!

How Much Money Will You Spend On a Valentine’s Day Gift?

Respondents were asked from a scale of $0-100+. And yes, someone said $100. If you are financially stable enough in college to be able to do this, please comment and let us know your secret. On the opposite side of that, the minimum amount indicated was $15. The median fell short of being right in the middle with being $41.75. A few other statistics that emerged from this question were that the 25th Percentile was $22.22 and the 75th Percentile was $61.28. Every one of these amounts are under the national average of $142, but hey, college students are doing their best!

What Would You Want to Receive on Valentine’s Day?

Out of all 16 responses, there seems to be a trend: some good food. This came in the form of chocolate covered strawberries, candy, chocolates, or a “fancy dinner.” I think this is a typical response for Valentine’s Day – just as 3 other people said “flowers,” too. Apart from these general answers, some outliers were “massage,” “teddy bear,” and “a letter.”

In conclusion, it seems like despite having an indifferent view of Valentine’s Day, college students are still having fun giving and receiving gifts from/to the ones they love. Comment or message us on social media (@ConsumerSense) and let us know your answers to these questions. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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