Spooky Halloween Tips: Fast Costume Ideas on Budget

1 min read | Kathryn SeCaur

It is that time of year again where the days get shorter and there is a chill in the air. The year is beginning to wind itself down and that means the holiday season is now upon us. Halloween costumes can be a daunting task with so many options and the insane price tags for full body costumes at pop-up Halloween shops and even Amazon. Even in this time of uncertainty, many communities are still planning to trick-or-treat or have their own intimate costume party with family and friends. Either way, this means choosing a costume is a must! But with so little time, how can one spend as little as possible on costumes and still look great?

Halloween Costume Shopping Tips

First and foremost, who said anything had to be elaborate, or even 100% accurate? Sometimes the best costumes are the ones that are casual and most importantly comfortable.  There are plenty of options from affordable second hand shops, such as Goodwill, to buy pieces from. Not everything has to be bought together, and you never know what good finds there are until you go digging. This creates an opportunity to donate the item back or if it is versatile enough, you can always use the item outside of a costume. Also, take a look and see what is already in your and even your family members’ or friends’ closets to help you save money on items you or someone you know may already have. If you are looking at a particular character, see if there are any casual outfits in their franchises, or just pull something together that they would most likely wear.

If there is something specific that you are looking for, or just need a wig to finish it off, Amazon will be your friend. Nearly everything on the site is reasonably priced and is delivered fairly quickly, especially if you have Prime. The wigs are all around or under $15 and can surprisingly be high quality for the price. In general while shopping here, do be sure to look through the reviews, considering the pictures provided on the listing may be misleading. There is nothing wrong with going through multiple listings to find what you want!

Our Easy, Fast, Inexpensive Costume Ideas

If you are looking for some easy, inexpensive costume ideas that can be put together in a pinch, here are some great, classic options to consider for a low-key, hassle-free Halloween:

Witch: Just wear all black clothing, grab a hat off Amazon or even a headband and consider carrying a broom to pull the whole look together. If holding the broom the whole time seems like a hassle, try one of these fun broom-inspired jewelry pieces from Amazon.

Any animal: Grab some solid color clothing pieces that match, tape on some white paper or spare fabric for the belly, and search Amazon for some ears and tails. You can also supplement with makeup using ideas from Pinterest.

Ghost: the good old classic sheet ghost, you can’t go wrong with this one! You can even be a Charlie Brown ghost and cover your whole sheet in holes.

Background character #___ : grab whatever clothes fit your chosen media and throw yourself into that world. This is also a good opportunity to be creative with your own character. 

And there you have it! No matter how you celebrate Halloween this year, be sure to have fun and stay safe.

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